Terms & Conditions:

The projects undertakes are subject to the terms and conditions listed below.


You are entitled to as many free revisions as are indicated in the package's specifications, and the number depends on the package you select. Once you have used all your free revision allotment, you will be asked to pay dependent on how difficult the revision requirements are. For free unlimited revisions, the number of rounds is capped at 10. We prioritise providing the best services to our customers, and we'll keep improving until your needs are met. You are not required to pay additional money if the design tenets stay the same. You'll get a fresh version of your logo within 48 hours. Despite the fact that all website design changes are delivered within 24 hours and all


Turnaround time is the period of time from when you provide your design thoughts to your account area and when you make your package purchase. The turnaround time ranges from 24 hours to a maximum of 48 hours for all orders for new logos. The turnaround time is at least 48 hours from order confirmation and full brief submission for packages with four or more logo designs. Additionally, the minimum turnaround time for new website designs (home/index, including redesign designs), after order confirmation and complete brief submission, is 48 hours. Please be aware that the turnaround time for developing a static website with five to seven websites is three to five business days. The delivery period begins for all purchases placed on Friday or Saturday.


The firm is not obligated to issue a refund if the consumer remains unresponsive for a period of time beyond two weeks, according to TechZies' refund policy. if a client pays us through our website for the services.

  • You've selected an all-inclusive plan.
  • The main design idea has been accepted.
  • Over the upfront purchase of services at normal price, a refund may be requested.
  • You asked for adjustments.
  • The decision to cancel was taken for non-company-related reasons.
  • Over a two-week project period, the firm was not contacted.
  • Policies of the company have been broken.
  • For the same job, a different business or designer has been contacted.
  • Over partial payments, refund claims are not permitted.
  • The necessary details are missing from the creative brief.
  • A total redesign has been requested.
  • The'request for reimbursement' time period for this claim has passed.
  • The company is altering its name or operations.
  • Refunds cannot be requested after paying a portion of the service fee or booking the team for the project launch. If the client later changes his mind for any reason and requests that the team be taken off the schedule, he will not be eligible for a refund, so we advise him to keep his money with us instead and we will make arrangements to accommodate it whenever he needs one of the services we provide.
  • Under no circumstances will there be a refund for "change of mind," "disagreement with partner," or other factors unrelated to the service.
  • A refund will only be given for that specific service and "not" the entire bundle if a customer purchases a service bundle and is unhappy with any one service.
  • Specially reduced prices are not returnable..
  • Once the final files have been sent to you in response to your request, no return request or processing will be accepted.
  • Free products are expressly exempt from returns and revisions.
  • After 30 days from the date of purchase, the client will not be eligible for any returns.
  • Social media, SEO, domain registration, and web hosting are just a few of the services that are not eligible for a refund under any circumstances.
  • Websites cannot be returned once the client has accepted the design and the website has been handed off to the developer.
  • The amount that was reimbursed included a both-sided transaction charge.
  • Note: TechZies reserves the right to refuse any project or terminate the agreement at any time. Following the return, you will no longer be able to utilise the designs for any reason; TechZies will own them exclusively. The business will possess the designs as its legitimate property..


We offer 100% ownership to the clients. Which means each work we do for clients that belongs to them and all the rights are reserved to the clients only. Ownership is given after the completion of the project.

  • Specify your concern and claim your refund through any of the following three modes :-If client wants us to stop working on his ongoing project and ask to transfer the ownership rights, in that case there will be the ownership transfer fee applied depending on the project to project.


To have your refund, follow the following steps:


Sending us an email at
As soon as we receive your refund request, we will respond to it at our earliest, once the required analysis is completed, we will initiate the process. After you have received your refund, you will not have any rights to any designs submitted by TechZies, the information will be submitted the Copyright Acquisition of the Government Copyright Agencies to maintain legality.


We do our best to meet your requirements and our designers do their best to fulfill your expectations. We believe in providing best designs and each of our designs is well researched and well crafted.


We have an unlimited revisions policy to guarantee your complete satisfaction. Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations, and we work hard to do so. The amount of modifications we do will depend on your package, but we won't stop until you're fully delighted with your design.


On the date indicated on the order confirmation, the entire order will be sent to the specified account, along with a confirmation email. The turnaround time will depend on the package, with a minimum of two business days needed. Contact our customer service staff if you need to place an urgent purchase.


TechZies keeps track of all completed designs so that you may be given the correct file in the event of a lost order.


Our staff will respond to any of your questions and issues at any time since our customer service is available around-the-clock.


TechZies disclaims any liability for communications carried out via any other platforms except "" or any phone numbers that are not provided by us or listed on our official website. We disclaim all liability for any harm brought on by third-party contact information. All of the information made available through our official domain is fully our responsibility.

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